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Serial Lover: Poems About Love & Shit Like That 1st Edition

Life sentences — more than murder. The literary debut of spoken word artist Novacane, Serial Lover: Poems About Love & Shit Like That, is a creative exploration into the cyclical nature of lust, love, loss and eventually, light.

Poems About Love & Shit Like That

Using her unique approach to poetry, Novacane leads readers to question and face their individual realities while immersing them in her own personal truths. What if every figurative and literal kill was committed by a repeat offender simply suffering agonizing affairs of the heart? Are we the same? Are we worse? What if every painful end meant another blissful beginning? Are we victims? Are we assailants? Bringing some of life’s most vivid emotions into tangled conversation, words are painted into reeling images of tales we all know too well. With eloquent wordplay, uncut content and raw imagination, every page entices the senses or evokes sentiment. Known for her elevated sense of self-expression and autobiographical tendencies, this Serial Lover transports audiences into the beautifully twisted mind of a modern-day wordsmith. Releasing never-heard-before pieces along with timeless crowd favorites, Novacane demonstrates her linguistic expertise in an unprecedented undertaking.

About The Author

Novacane, Also Known As Jaymie Jennings, Is A Spoken Word Poet That Has Always Been For The People. However, Never Bending To Anyone Else’s Flow, She Is Atypically And Inspirationally For An Often Forgotten Yet Beloved People. Nova Is For The Misunderstood People, The Enigmatic People, The Artistic People And The Likely To Be Lost. Simply Put, Because Those Are Her People. Born In New Jersey And Raised In Florida, Nova Is Native To Tampa’s City Streets. Falling In Love With The Intricate Intertwinings Of Linguistics At A Young Age, She Has Always Drawn Inspiration From What Was Most Consistent And Present – Life. Naturally Falling Into The Social Scene, Nova Began Modeling At Age 18. There, She Grew To Love The Camera And Developed Her Crowd Comfort. After Being Exposed To Mike Reid, She Picked Up A Pen, Cultivated Her Cadence And Debuted Her First Complete Piece, Sex Kitten, At Age 24. In October 2014 Nova’s First Live Performance, Memoirs Of A Player, Was Ill-Received By A Clean Cut Audience And Deemed As Being “Too Raunchy.” A Key Moment, Her Discomfort On That Night Planted A Seed That Would Later Birth A Sense Of Belonging. Nova’s Rejection Caused Her To Draw Back For A While, But In 2015 She Resurfaced With A Large Fan Base And Joined The Legendary “Punany Poets.” Touring Countless Cities With An Acclaimed Crew Of Like-Minded Artists, Nova Found Comfort And Recognized The Need For A Place That Accepted Every Type Of Individual In Her Own Hometown. On April 20, 2015, Novacane Founded The Creative Family And Award-Winning Open Mic That Is Smoken Words. Rooted In The Same Ideals That Define Who Nova Is, Smoken Words Exudes An Aura Of Positivity, Acceptance, Good Vibes And Peace. Smoken Words Is Home. For The People. Written By Bianca Morrison