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Serial Lover: Poems About Love & Shit Like That 1st Edition


Life sentences — more than murder. The literary debut of spoken word artist Novacane, Serial Lover: Poems About Love & Shit Like That, is a creative exploration into the cyclical nature of lust, love, loss and eventually, light. Using her unique approach to poetry, Novacane leads readers to question and face their individual realities while immersing them in her own personal truths. What if every figurative and literal kill was committed by a repeat offender simply suffering agonizing affairs of the heart? Are we the same? Are we worse? What if every painful end meant another blissful beginning? Are we victims? Are we assailants? Bringing some of life’s most vivid emotions into tangled conversation, words are painted into reeling images of tales we all know too well. With eloquent wordplay, uncut content and raw imagination, every page entices the senses or evokes sentiment. Known for her elevated sense of self-expression and autobiographical tendencies, this Serial Lover transports audiences into the beautifully twisted mind of a modern-day wordsmith. Releasing never-heard-before pieces along with timeless crowd favorites, Novacane demonstrates her linguistic expertise in an unprecedented undertaking.

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