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Smoken Words | Lockness Neck – EP 3

On this weeks episode at Smoken Words feel the energy surge as Bar God kicks off the night with his electrifying freestyle, setting the stage on fire. Then, let Cassandra (03:44) enchant you with her mesmerizing performance, weaving tales that resonate deep within the soul.

Next, immerse yourself in the lyrical brilliance of Li Kenobi (06:15) as he performs his song ‘Everything You Wanted’, igniting a spark of inspiration within each listener. Flow (09:15) follows with a soul-stirring poem, delving into the depths of human emotion with raw honesty.

Prepare to be treated like a goddess as Luh Tox (10:41) takes the stage, her empowering rap song advocating for nothing less than divine treatment: ‘I’m about that goddess treatment only, can’t mess with him, he’s phony’, her powerful message resonating with every listener.

Georgia Peach (14:40) drops a poignant poem, perfectly timed to coincide with ‘her long day’, resonating with anyone who’s felt the weight of the world on their shoulders. And finally, let Sapphinora (17:28) serenade you with her trap R&B melodies, adding a smooth and soulful touch to the night’s lineup.

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